Board of Managers Pat Wilmsen ('25)
President Miles Bojanic ('24') Vice President Kevin Burd ('26) Treasurer Marcie Lloyd ('24') Secretary
Ann Bering ('26)
Joe Lamont ('24)
George Leyh ('25')
Ted Martin ('26)
Jeff Minnich ('24)
Kevin Wells ('25)
Esther Mefferd
Tabernacle Assn. Rep.

Staff Deborah Erb,
Office Manager

Nate Godfrey, Superintendent

Board Meetings

The MGCA Board of Managers currently holds hybrid meetings; meeting in person in the Mt. Gretna United Methodist Church and using video conferencing software. These meetings are recorded, and the video made available for public viewing on the MGCA's YouTube channel. The meeting agenda is in the video description along with timestamps so that you may go directly to a specific section of the meeting.

Click on this text to be taken to the YouTube meeting recording.

Board of Managers Meetings

Our Board of Managers meets regularly on the third Tuesday of each month at 6:30pm. Association members are invited to attend and are encouraged to check with the office to confirm time and location of the meeting. mug

Meeting Minutes

June Minutes 06/18/24 TBA
Agenda & Draft Monthly Reports

May Minutes 05/21/24

April Minutes 04/16/24

March Minutes 03/19/24

February Minutes 02/20/24

January Minutes 01/16/24

December Minutes 12/19/23

November Minutes 11/21/23

October Minutes 10/17/23

September Minutes 09/19/23

August Minutes 08/15/23

July Minutes 07/18/23 Annual Meeting Minutes
2023 Annual Board Meeting Minutes
2023 Annual Membership Meeting Minutes - DRAFT
Link to the video of the Annual Meetings on our YouTube channel

2022 Annual Meeting Minutes
2021 2020

Board Committees

The Board of Managers has standing committees which manage the day-to-day work as well as the long-term planning of the Association. These committees are made up of Board members as well as voting members of the Association.

Committee descriptions of membership, authority, responsibilities, etc. can be seen by clicking on the committee name.

The permanent standing committees are:

  • Audit Committee
  • Buildings & Grounds Committee
  • Communications Committee
  • Community Activities Committee
  • Executive Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Nominations Committee
  • Property Ownership Committee
  • Recreation Committee,
  • Tabernacle Association Committee, and
  • the Election Board
  • In addition, the Board has Ad-Hoc Committees which are formed on a short-term basis for a specific directive. The current Ad-Hoc Committees are:

  • Ad-Hoc Archive Committee, sub-committee of Executive,
  • Ad-Hoc Advancement Committee, sub-committee of Executive,
  • Ad-Hoc Library Committee, sub-committee of Community Activities,
  • Ad-Hoc Policy Committee, sub-committee of Executive, and
  • Ad-Hoc Tree Health & Maintenance, sub-committee of Building & Grounds
  • A current list of committee members is published with each newsletter and can be downloaded at this link: current MGCA committee membership.

    Financial Reports

    Financial Reviews
    2022 year end review 2021 year end review 2020 year end review
    2024 2023 2022

    Prior year reports are available by request. Please contact the Campmeeting Association office for any additional information.